To become a member, fill out the form located below and come to our next meeting with cash or check.

Feel free to attend a meeting before making a decision on whether or not to sign up for a membership. Questions and accommodation inquiries regarding payment of membership dues can be sent to

Please fill out this form and bring it to the next meeting along with your dues.

Alternatively you may submit your membership application through the google form below, just make sure that we have your information when you pay us your dues at the next meeting.

Benefits include:

    • Guest Speakers
    • Investment management experience through the CBE Investment Management & Scholarship Fund
    • Resume building
    • Career information & internships
    • Networking with potential employers
    • Club outings
    • Affiliation with the nationally recognized FMA International
    • FMA online website relating to jobs, conferences, finance certifications, and forecast competitions
    • Membership in the FMA National Honor Society—both undergrads and MBA students (for those who qualify)